Sunday, March 1, 2009

How to Stop Jehovah's Witnesses

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Anonymous said...

Jehovahs Witnesses follow the example of Jesus who preached house to house ,village to village.
And yes Jesus also encountered those who refused his message!
However he continued without letup helping those who would listen.
And only those who listened will have a chance to live when Jehovah brings an end to all wickedness!
Never stop Jehovahs Witnesses from teaching you the correct way to life !

Sam said...

To the anonymous writer who praised the JWs:

Why did you post your comments here? How many times has the organization CLEARLY instructed you not to visit sites like this one? Are you simply DISOBEDIENT or are you CURIOUS?

I suspect the latter, but just in case you're not a complete coward, I DARE you to give a comment at the next Watchtower study about all the apostate websites you visit...

Until you do that, shut the fuck up, you mindless drone.

Anonymous said...

You need to learn boundaries.

Nd Nc said...

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